The Fountain of Tears

“A Dialog of Suffering Between the Holocaust and the Crucifixion”

Seven sculptured relief panels reflecting the last seven utterances from the crucifixion . . . Seven life size bronze figures symbolizing the response and reflection of the Holocaust . . . Six pillars of stone for a memorial to the six million perished.

The Fountain of Tears is based on the verses of Jeremiah, “Oh Lord that my head were a spring of water and my eyes a fountain of tears that I would weep day and night for the lost of my people.”  This was a cry and prayer from Jeremiah, and it is also my prayer that the Lord God would remember the six million and pay back all that was taken from this people as a result of the Holocaust.

We invite you to follow this link for more information on our Fountain of Tears Foundation in Holland.

Rick Wienecke, Artist/Sculptor

Please take a moment to view a short (4:47) video clip that provides a great overview of The Fountain of Tears.

A 20 minute extended version together with Rick’s dramatic story can be purchased as a digital download or on DVD.